Friday, February 4, 2011

CNY 2011: Day 2

Woke up at about 9am and we got ready. Drove to IKEA for breakfast. I shared a Hotdog with M. Then we went upstairs to eat our curry puffs.

Hot Dog

Later, we bought ice cream downstairs. Waited for SS before we went back to their place. There, we waited a while before driving to Rasa.

Ice Cream

We arrived at 12.30pm and took some pictures before all of our other relatives came back. Hung around till about 1.30pm. Then, we drove out for lunch.

Even though not everyone was here, we occupied 4 tables. Had Yee Sang and lunch. Food was quite good and reasonably priced.

Yee Sang

Went back to the house and hung out till 5.30pm. A lion dance troop came to the house too. It was fun.

Once back in KL, we went straight to Pyramid. Ate dinner at Burger King which wasn't too great.

Chicken Burger

Next, we went to Fullhouse and got my cake back. I left half a cake there, but when I collected it, there was only a quarter left.

When I asked the staff, he told me that nobody touched it as it was in the fridge the whole time. I talked to the manager and we settled the issue.

Quarter Cake

They destroyed the box too

Went to 112 and watched TV. CM and family came for a short while. Later, we had some cake. Continued watching TV till about 11pm.

Then, we rushed home to continue watching "All Well Ends Well 2009". When it was done, I went upstairs to my room for the rest of the night...

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