Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yum Cha

Got up at 10.30am and quickly ate breakfast. Cleaned up, washed up and got ready for lunch. All of us then went to Sunnybank Plaza to "Yum Cha". The definition of "Yum Cha" in Brisbane is different from Malaysia. Here, it actually means dim sum.

Landmark Restaurant

Waited outside "Landmark Restaurant" for about 15 minutes. Later, we sat down and ordered some dim sum. Food here wasn't that great actually. The cheapest plate here is AUD 3.50 and they also charge AUD 2 per person. Crazy!

Back home, we relaxed for a while before their friends came. Served them some cheesecake. Most of them liked it.

Did some laundry before watching some TV. Then, all of us transported some bricks and laid it on a patch of grass. Made a nice path for the rubbish bins.

Later, I called home for half an hour. Played some 3-player badminton before having dinner. We had BBQ Lamb and other food from yesterday.

Cleaned up and played with my iPod for a while. Then, I started blogging till now.

Going off now. Long day tomorrow. Bye...

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