Monday, December 13, 2010

Unfortunate Turn Of Events

This day was HELL! It started with us going to Karaoke with our cousins. Even E followed. But halfway through, I felt cold. And it didn't stop there. I got colder and colder. Towards the end, I curled up in a corner and slept.

K Lunch

Coffee at work

Went to work but was shivering the whole time. So one hour later, I told them I want to go back. Waited for mum and the rest before going home.

Back home, I slept till 7pm. Ate dinner and started making cheesecake. Just as we were almost done, there wasn't any Oreos. So M went to buy.

Finished making the cake at about 9pm. Went to bed. Kept waking up and going back to bed...

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