Friday, December 3, 2010

Bad Food Day

I finished most of the food during lunch. So, we had to go out for dinner. Dad took us to Hailam Kopitiam in Brickfields.

I ordered their "Lemon Chicken Rice Set" and M ordered the "Carbonara Spaghetti Set". It came with a drink so I asked for Ice Lemon Tea. The set also comes with some fruits.

The drink arrived first and it was tasteless. Next was the fruits. It was 8 measly pieces of oranges, 4 for each of us.


Ice Lemon Tea

Now lets talk about the food. M didn't like hers. As for mine, it was the WORST chicken dish I ever tasted. The chicken was like powder and soft.

Lemon Chicken Rice

Last time I whatever I referred to as "not nice", "not okay" or even "tasteless", when compared to today's dinner is DELICIOUS! That is how bad the chicken was.

Went off after dinner and headed to TMC. We wanted to make cheesecake but there wasn't any thicken cream. So, we canceled the plan.

Back home, we decided to make Konyaku Jelly. This time, we wanted to try with our new mould. As soon as we poured in the mixture, disaster struck! Watch the video below!

We transferred the rest of the mix into the old mould. Then, dad chased E and I out of the kitchen before mopping the floor. :P

Going back downstairs to put the mould into the fridge now. Bye!

*update: Oh well, at least I managed to make a nice cup of Oreo Milkshake. :P

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