Saturday, December 11, 2010

Busy Busy

We went to Gardens for lunch. Original plan was to eat in Tony Roma's. But there was a waiting list. So mum went to the Thai restaurant instead. Since M and I didn't want, we headed to Shihlin.

There, we ordered their rice box set and a XXL chicken. Later, we walked around and bought macaroni. Went to S+J for a short while before going to Boost with the rest of the family. We ordered their "Juice of the Day" to share.

Shihlin Rice Box Set (comes with soya milk) - RM 10.00

XXL Chicken - RM 6.00

Headed to Machines and later went to the Gardens club. After a while, we had to go pick Dad from Damansara Utama.

Once home, I chopped garlic and onions. Rested for about half an hour and started boiling mac and cheese. After lots of hard work and stress, the mac and cheese was finally done. It tasted good too!

Mac and Cheese

Right after I cleaned up, dad called to ask me to pick M from Gardens and Mum and J from BV. So I did.

Back home, I used the laptop till it was time to go out. Dad brought us back to Damansara Utama. There, we decided to eat at Fat Spoon. It was a family business which sells local food. They used many old things as their deco.

I ordered their Iced Chocolate which was crap. Their Moomoo Burger (only western maincourse there) was okay though. But if you ask me, I won't be coming back again.

Iced Chocolate - RM 11.90

Moo Moo Burger - RM 14.90

Came back home and used the laptop till now. That's all for tonight. Bye...

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