Sunday, December 12, 2010

Two Recipes

Got up at about 8.30am to get ready for breakfast. We had Dim Sum with SS and family. Later, M and I went over to their place. Looked through some recipes and decided to try making cream puffs.

We were divided into 2 teams, Team Cream and Team Puff. K and I were Team Cream because we made the custard filling. And most of us agree that without the cream, the puff would be weird. :D

Cream Puff!!

For lunch, mum, dad and E came over. All of us then went to Village Park for Nasi Lemak. The chicken there was nice! Juice was sugarless so there isn't anything to shout about.

Nasi Lemak with Chicken

Watermelon Juice

After lunch, we went back to 105 and started our second project, Meringue Ghosties! Actually the only reason we did this was because we used the egg yolks for the custard. So, we decided to use the egg whites for the meringue.

I did the beating and dolloping. K put the eyes on the 'ghosties' while the rest watched. Baking it was a very slow process. But when it was done, I was REALLY HAPPY that it turned out the way it supposed to be, CRUNCHY!! :D

Meringue Ghosties!

Nobody was hungry but we still went for dinner. Dad and the rest of the family came again from our house to here. Together, we drove to Kota Damansara and ate at Oriental Kitchen. The food was quite nice.

Mum ordered this Lemongrass drink. According to their banner, all proceeds from this drink would be given to the National Kidney Foundation or something.

Lemongrass Drink

Later, we went to 105 and ate some meringues. Then, we had a family debate which was real fun (and funny too). Packed our stuff and came back home.

While writing this, dad came in and showed me a long receipt. He paid the summons and asked me to take a picture of it. So here it is, the 6 page long receipt. I contributed to half of that. :P

Summon Receipts

Anyway, tomorrow we will be going to RedBox (thanks to our sponsor, Mum). That's all for tonight. Bye!

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