Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Woke up without fever but still funny feeling. Continued sleeping till 2.30pm in hope that I'll get better. I did. So M dropped me off at work. Brought the cheesecake for my colleagues and they liked it.

Although I wasn't feverish, I still felt unwell. So I decided to clock out at 6.30pm. Came home and slept. Later, I slept.

Woke up and ate dinner. Then, I tried to sleep but couldn't. For the rest of the night, it was waking up and going back to sleep again and again...


  1. Hope u get well soon broo.. take care ya.. today i went to MV for christmas shopping.. but din see u there.. are you ok ? din update ur blog for today too.. take care see u around

  2. my last day was the 14th. And I was in Ipoh 15-17.

  3. ooo good to hear that u are ok then.. thought where u missing xD


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