Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bangkok - Day 4

As usual, we woke up early for breakfast. Same old stuff for us. After that, we packed and gathered our stuff. Checked out and left our bags in the hotel.


We were then divided into 2 groups. Mum, E, JW and I took the train to Siam Paragon while Dad, GM, M and J took a taxi to MBK.

The four of us then went inside the departmental store. Walked around for about 90 minutes before we came out. We spotted this cafe with a "Strawberry Frappe" promo so we went to get it.

French Caff Strawberry Frappe - 65 baht

Then, we walked around for another hour while mum and E were shopping in Gap. Later, we went to the food court and found the first Pineapple Rice in Bangkok. It was so hard to find. It was expensive too! Unbelievable.

Pineapple Rice - 120 baht

The rice wasn't even that nice actually. We ordered 2 of it and some Tom Yam to share. Wasn't a great lunch.

Later, we walked around the mall and even went up to the cinema. When we were tired, we headed to the food court. Just then, we spotted the rest of the family.

All of us sat at a table and ordered some drinks and dessert. JW and I walked over to McD and ordered a Samurai Pork Burger. It turned out to be great!

Iced Espresso - 45 baht

Samurai Pork Burger

We then took the train back to our hotel. Collected our luggage and did some repacking. Then, we pulled our luggage to the train station. We had to switch to another line before getting to the airport. It was very convenient though.

Once there, we got out boarding passes and checked a few bags in. Then, we went down to the foodcourt and had a quick dinner.

Black Pepper Chicken Rice

After dinner, we went back upstairs to find a very long and slow queue at the customs. Once we were all cleared, we hurried to the gate. We were the last ones to board the plane. Phew...

2 hours later, we landed at LCCT. Used the auto-gate so it was quite fast. Then, we bought some stuff from the duty free shop.

SS and SS picked us up. I drove the Avanza home while Dad drove the other car. He dropped SS and SS back before coming home.

All of us took turns to shower before going to bed at about 3am...

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