Thursday, December 30, 2010

Bye Bye Ipoh

We got up early again today. Drove to Jalan Leong Sin Nam to have Dim Sum in Ming Court. This time, it was CLOSE! We had no choice but to go to "Yoke Fook Moon".

Closed :(

*I was too hungry and forgot to take pictures*

Ordered quite a lot this time. Food was slightly better and cheaper than "Foh San". After that, we drove to get "Salted Chicken".

Went back to JW's house and packed our stuff. We left the place at about 10.30am. Next was "Seng Kee" in Gunung Rapat. Bought some "Heong Peah" before driving back to KL.

Arrived at JW's new rental house in PJS9. Waited for the landlord to pass us the keys. He told us to come back an hour later because his maid was cleaning the room.

So we drove off to Pyramid and had lunch in McD. We weren't hungry so the both of us shared a "Big and Tasty" Set.

But when we sat down, we finished half the fries before I remembered that I have to take a picture of it! :P

Big and Tasty Set

After lunch, we walked around till it was 4pm. Then, we went to her hostel and packed all her stuff. Had to make 2 trips to transfer everything.

By the time we were done, it was almost 7pm. Took the NPE and got back to Bangsar by 7.15pm. Dropped some "goods" off at 112 before going home.

Once home, I unpacked my stuff. Then, I started clearing/cleaning my room. Took my shower at about 8pm before we had dinner.

Now, both of us are using our laptops to blog and surf the net. Goodnight...

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