Monday, December 27, 2010


Had to wake up at about 11am. We took turns to wash up before driving out to pick C up. Then, we went to "Big Tree Foot" for brunch. There I took some fried stuff and we ate noodles.

Fried Stuff

Later, we went to "Tong Sui Kai" for some red bean soup and some "onde onde". When we were done, we went to Intrico and bought some baking stuff.

Next, we went to C's house to look at some of her graduation pictures. Said goodbye to her at 4pm and we came back.

The both of us then used the bread maker to make wholemeal bread. Then, we watched Glee.

Later at 7.30pm, we went out to Aberdeen. Met up with her Sunway Ipoh friends there. I had the dinner set which came with soup, drink, dessert and main course.

Chicken Chop

Then, we came home at about 9.30pm and spent the rest of the night watching TV...

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