Thursday, December 9, 2010

Last Thursday Working

Woke up early today. Had lunch super early too. Later, M, E and I rushed to Mid Valley. We headed to GSC and was in time to watch Narnia. This is the 3rd movie in the series. I find it very adventurous. Nice movie.

After that, we went shopping for cheesecake ingredients. We even bought different items from different places. :P

Before my sisters left, we went to get the "Juice of the Day" from Boost Juice. I drank some before heading to work.

Work as interesting today. Had to go to the store a few times. Before that, I got to prepare ingredients for my colleague's convenience.

For dinner, I went to KFC and used the voucher MM gave me. I couldn't finish it because it was a lot! And while I was there, KFC kept having blackouts. The lights come on and off almost every 10 seconds.

3pc of Chicken, Wedges, Bun, Coleslaw and Drink - RM 12.80

Walked around the mall before clocking back in. Finished up the stock cards and waited for time to pass. Anyway, it'll be my last time working on a Thursday.

Gonna wake up early to make cheesecake tomorrow. Bye!

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