Saturday, December 18, 2010

Bangkok - Day 1

We went to Maluri for lunch. Haven't been to Quans for at least a year, after since the waitress told me I can't take pictures.

Had some Lou Shu Fun and Ice Lemon Tea. Later, we went home and ate the mini tarts, jelly and cheesecake.

Ice Lemon Tea

Lou Shu Fun

Chocolate Tarts


After that, MM and SS dropped us off at LCCT. After we got our boarding pass, we waited till about 8.45pm. Got into the plane for 2 hours and landed in Bangkok at around 10pm local time.

We were stuck in the airport for a while because someone mistakenly took our luggage. In the end, we left our contact and the guy that took our luggage brought it back to the airport.

We walked out and the hotel representative greeted us. He asked us to eat at the food court before we got on the train. So we did.

Hotel Representative on the left. We're on the weird escalators

Beef Noodles

I had beef noodles for dinner. After that, we followed the hotel representative and took the train to hotel.



Dressing Table


Checked-in to our rooms and called it a night...

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