Monday, December 20, 2010

Bangkok - Day 3

This day was my worst day. Dad decided that all of us should visit "Wat Pho". So after breakfast, we got into the taxi and went there. Taxi in Bangkok is actually cheaper than the train. :)

Visited the sleeping Buddha in the temple. Later, we walked around the temple for another hour or so.

Sleeping Buddha (people keep coming so it was impossible to get a nice pic)

Just as we were exiting, one guy told us that the Grand Palace (which we planned to go next) was closed. It will only open at 3.30pm (3 hours later).

So, he suggested we go visit another 2 temples and showed us the Tuk Tuk (trishaw with motor). They told us it was 40 baht per Tuk Tuk and dad agreed.

First, they brought us to this very quiet small temple. Went in and paid some respect before going off. Then, they brought us to this tourist shop. I was upset. We didn't ask for this. So we walked for 5 minutes and came back downstairs.

Later, they kept asking if we wanted to eat or go shopping. Next thing you know, they brought us to another tourist factory thing. I was MAD!

After that, he finally brought us to a marble temple. Went inside for a while and came out about half an hour later.

Then, the stupid Tuk Tuk drivers tried to bring us somewhere else AGAIN! Finally dad decided it was enough. We paid them and went off to take the taxi.

This time, we went to the Four Faced Buddha which near Siam Paragon. Stayed there for 15 minutes. Then, we walked over to Central World.

We went all the way up to the food court in their supermarket. Had some rice with pork. Later, I had their Coke Slushie.

Rice with Pork

Coke Slushie

Before going off, we found this shop in the supermarket that sells potatoes. They cut it in a full spiral and fry it. Then, we get to choose what flavouring to sprinkle over it.

Spiral Potatoes

Next, we tried dessert from this famous Thai brand named "Ice Monster". It was just fruits or jelly on shaved ice. No idea why people bother paying for it.

Coffee Jelly with Ice

Since my mouth was still itchy, JW and I went to another shop and got a Green Tea Soft Ice Cream. It wasn't that great for the price we paid.

Green Tea Soft Ice Cream

Later, we walked a bridge right underneath the BTS rail. It was a long straight bridge to Siam Paragon (busy and famous mall in Bangkok). We walked around for about 40 minutes.

On the way out, we spotted McCafe (same group as McDonalds) so we ordered some Ice Blended Chocolate drink from them.

Ice Blended Chocolate

With the drink in hand, we walked all the way back to our hotel. It was actually only one BTS Station away, but it took us about more than 20 minutes to get there.

Back at the hotel, we rested our legs for about an hour. Then, we walked a few blocks from our hotel to this local restaurant. It was packed with people. And even though we didn't speak Thai, dad pointed on the menu and gestured them what we wanted.

The food turned out to be quite nice. Later, we walked back to the hotel. That's where M's slippers broke. :P

Visited the 7eleven next to the hotel to look at what they sold. Didn't buy much except some tidbits and a bottle of Sprite.

Went back to the hotel to shower and sleep...

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