Saturday, July 30, 2011

Settlers of Brisbane

Got up at 6.40am and quickly washed up. Took the bus to the city and ate my breakfast at Hungry Jacks. Then, we waited for a few of our friends before going to UQ.

Once we arrived, we searched for the field. Then, we registered and the team leaders had a briefing. I was the leader for my team and I did some homework. That helped us in the game quite a bit. Also, taking notes were quite useful.

Everyone gathering

Explaining the strategy to the new teammates


My notes

At about 9.30am, we started the game. We had to play 6 station games and 4 bonus games before we could replay the games. Upon completing each game, resources would be given. These resources will then be used to build our roads, settlements, and empires.

Sponge Surgery - We had to copy and build a model of a warrior on a horse.
Each of us only used one hand each, 5 toothpicks, and I (team leader) couldn't talk!

Yummy Mummy - We had to carry our teammate with a piece of paper across the field.
Had to stick popcorn to our cheeks with Nutella.
Upon reaching, we ate the popcorn and stuck the paper on another teammate
Objective is to get 10 pieces of paper on our teammate.

Pipeline Transport - Transport the ping pong ball around the tree
We were only given 6 newspaper pipes

Twist and Bend (Bonus Game) - Pose the word "SETTLERS" in front of Steele Building


I really enjoyed it because the games were creative and it also made us use our brains. Also, for the first time, I was so excited about winning. Motivating others and keeping the team excited was part of the fun too! Someone said I was the loudest in the team, and I don't deny it. XD

We were leading till the end...

Our score sheet - We completed all stations and even played "Si-so-so" again!

At about 12.30pm, the game ended and we gathered around. Collected our lunch after the special performance by Teen Mania.

Lunch by Old Town

QUT4 having lunch

QUT4 Signature pose!

After that, they announced the winners. We had 3 groups of 10 teams and my team was in Group C. We (Team 21) won the second place for our group! It's quite funny because when we knew what the prize was, we actually wanted to get second place!

Team 21

Those from QUT4 showing "FOUR"!

Team 21 with our prize!

10 Movie Tickets for us! :D

Then, leaders from UQ presented their gifts to RC who was overseeing UQ Sub-district. It was funny because everyone gave him funny gifts like shampoo, pillow, toilet roll, contracts, mars bars, and candles.

We left the place at 2.30pm and about 15 of us (consisting of members from QUT1, QUT3, and QUT4) went to Hazel Tea Shop. Unfortunately, the place couldn't fit all of us. So, we bought our drinks and went to MYER Center instead.

Stayed there till about 4pm before going our separate ways. I went to Indooroopilly and bought something. Dropped it a JC's house before going back home.

Waited till 7pm and we had steak, sausages and salad for dinner. Then for dessert, we had poached pear with cream. :)

After that, I cleaned up and started writing this post...

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