Friday, July 22, 2011

QUT4 Orientation Lifegroup

Woke up early today and made cheesecake. Then, I got ready and left the house. Went to Roma Street Parkland Apartments. AL, JC, C and I went there to use the pool, jacuzzi, and steam room. Thanks K for letting us use the facilities! :D



Steam Room

After about 2 hours of fun, we took our showers and parted ways. I went to JK's house and helped her prepare for the lifegroup later. Then at 4.45pm, I went back to the city.

Waited for our contacts to arrive before I brought them to JK's house. It was quite embarrassing because I brought them to the wrong platform and we headed the wrong direction. Wasted some time there but luckily everyone wasn't too upset.

Our 'Taco Night' was a success! But, we overestimated and there were too much food. Despite that, everyone had fun playing the games and talking to each other.

At about 10pm, we left the place and took the bus home. Was a great night!

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