Monday, July 11, 2011

Catching Up

Got up at 10am and did my laundry. Had breakfast and cleaned up. Then, I took my shower and did my quiet time. Went through the previous days' material.

Then, I finished the book of "Job" and read another chapter of "Purpose Driven Life". Later, I also wrote about another 3 pages of stuff on my journal.

After that, I started writing my blog posts for last week. I finally covered all the missing days after few hours. I kinda like it this way because now only the highlights are written.

Had homemade Hokkien Noodles for dinner. And for dessert, D and I made Apple Crumble. I accidentally left the apples to boil for too long and they ended up all soft. Everyone still enjoyed it though. :P

I'm gonna end this post and start writing for the 3 days of my camp. Bye...

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