Friday, July 8, 2011

CCM Student Conference 2011

Got up at 9am and quickly got ready. Left the house at 11am and took the bus to Central Station. There, I met up with the other QUT3 members. People from QUT1 were there too.

All of us took the Caboolture Train to Dakabin. An hour later, we got down and waited for the cars to come drive us to the Campsite.

We registered and got our room key. Put our stuff into the room and we waited for the next activity. My roommates were G, AL and TL.

All of the participants were divided into groups based on their sub-district. I was in Team 5 which consists of people from (Ipswich, QUT1, QUT2 and QUT3).

We then sat together and made our Team Flag and also thought of a War Cry. Later, all 16 teams presented their war cry and explained their flag.

Team 5

TL explaining our flag

Later, we lined up and got our food. Sat at the dining hall with QUT3. We had chicken, potato and some vege for dinner. We had apple crumble for dessert too.

Next, we went to the main hall for prayer meeting. I enjoyed it very much. It ended at about 10pm and we took our shower.

All seated!

After that, we went to the dining hall and played "Ticket To Ride" till 1.30am! It was really a great day!

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