Friday, July 15, 2011

QUT4 First Lifegroup

Stayed home in the morning and prepared some food at noon. Then, I took the 4.14pm bus to J's place. It was our first QUT4 Lifegroup.


Though it was only 9 of us, I'm sure everyone enjoyed our night. There were many laughters and great moments. We played the "Viking" game and danced the "Macarena". :D

I cooked Corned Beef coasted with Eggs

After S's impartation, we had a photo-session. It was really fun as we tried a few poses. :P

QUT4 Fierce-looking Pioneers (we are actually very friendly)



S sent me home again so I was home at 10.15pm. Uploaded some pictures and used the laptop for the night...

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