Friday, July 29, 2011

QUT4 Market Day Lifegroup (Poolside BBQ)

In the afternoon, I baked some cookies. Then at 3pm, I headed to JK's house. We bought some stuff and went to the pool area. After a while, TL and I went back to the city and escorted people.

After that, I helped cook the chicken and sausages while they played the icebreakers. They played "Hunter and Fire" and "Order". Glad everyone had fun.

The Trees and Squirrels :P

LY explaining "Order"

Getting into "Order" without talking

Then, we ate our dinner. There were pasta bake, hot dogs, BBQ chicken, and some cookies. Everyone enjoyed dinner too.

Everyone ready for dinner!

S (QUT sub-district leader) helping out with BBQ

Later, we took a group photo and played the "Mystery Passing" game. Then, we had some announcements and sang 2 songs before ending the night.

Group picture

Crazy Pose


Few of us helped clean up before going back home. Got back at about 10.30pm and rested in my room...

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