Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 2

Today was quiet compared to yesterday. And, I tried chatting with people instead of selling them the membership. It was a good day.

Later, I stayed in the library and used the computer. Searched up some ideas for icebreakers and also read some articles till about 5.30pm.

Then, I went to the city for dinner. To my surprise, the pasta shop isn't there anymore. I guess I won't have 4 dollar pasta anymore. Bought a box of assorted sushi for dinner.

Sushi - AUD 5.00

After that, I headed to Roma Street Parkland Apartments for the sub-district prayer meeting. Had a great time of prayer with QUT1, QUT2, QUT3 and QUT4. :D

Later, I took the bus home and got back by 10pm. Gonna rest now. Night...

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