Sunday, July 10, 2011

CCM Got Talent

Got up at 8am and quickly washed up. Headed to the dining hall for breakfast. After that, we did our quiet time before going in for our Sunday Service. The service was good.

Later, we hurried to get ready for CCM Got Talent. Us guys put on the 70s Chinese Mobster look with the help of lots of gel! It was really fun.

When it was our turn, we did a smashing performance. Although I screwed up one dance move, many people enjoyed our dance. Plus, we won 3rd place! :D

QUT3 presents: Unidus Mambo

QUT3 - 3rd Place

Besides that, they also announce the winners for the team games. And we were surprised that Team 5 won 3rd place too! :D

Team 5 - 3rd Place!

After everything ended, each team were assigned to clean up an area. Team 5 and some others were asked to clean up the dining area.

Then, we went back to our rooms and cleaned up. Later, we checked-out and went back to the city. TL, JY and I sat in G's car.

We went to Cybercity in Fortitude Valley. Had a great dinner with the people of QUT3. It'll probably be the last dinner with them. Next week onwards, it'll be QUT4.

After dinner, TL, E, S and I took the bus back to the city. I quickly ran to Queen Street Bus Station and got on another bus.

Was home by 9.30pm and sorted out my stuff till about 10pm. Showered and retired in my room for the rest of the night...

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