Saturday, July 9, 2011

Long and Fun Day

Got up at 7.30am and washed up. Then, we waited in line for our breakfast before going to the dining hall.

After that, we had our quiet time, followed by a morning session. Pastor Lance was our guest speaker. Later, we had lunch and practiced our performance.

Stretching before we start our quiet time

Then at 3pm, we started our station games. All teams have to complete 8 station games according to the order given to us. At every station, we'd face-off with another team.

Our team never lost. It was either a tie, or a win. I enjoyed most of the games. Especially those that required teamwork and strategy.

Team 5 after the games!

It ended at 6pm and everyone was waiting to shower. The girls had their own ensuite toilet but all the guys had to use one common toilet. :S

TL and I were one of the last to shower. Quickly grabbed our dinner and joined the rest of QUT3. Before the service started, we played some classic "hand games" (scissors paper stone and others).

Service went on till 10.30pm. All lifegroups from QUT (QUT1, QUT2, and QUT3) went to the dining hall and waited for our sub-district leader to arrive. Then, one by one, we surrounded her and sang a modified version of "Just the way you are" to her. Each of us gave her a piece of chocolate and some words of encouragement too.

Later, QUT3 gathered and practiced our dance for 2 more times. We ended at about 12.30am and went back to our rooms and slept...

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