Monday, July 25, 2011

Market Day

Went to GP and helped out in Market Day. Then at 1pm, I went for my class for 2 hours. As I was heading back to the booth, I met up with some of the CCM members.

A bunch of us then headeed to Hazel Tea Cafe for Bubble Tea and fellowship. I bought a "large" Milk Tea with Pearls. After spinning the wheel, I managed to get a "Free Upgrade" card.

Milk Tea with Pearl (Large) - AUD 5.50 (crazy expensive!)

Free Upgrade Voucher

All of us then played a few games with cards. First it was "Heart Attack", followed by "Swap", and finally we played "Murderer!".

At about 6pm, we all parted ways. I then took the bus home. Had dinner and used the laptop till at night...

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