Saturday, July 2, 2011

Farewell BBQ

I woke up at 8am and got ready. Took the bus and walked to TL's house. All of us were here to help TL, LR and E move house. I was late so stuff were already loaded on the truck.

We went to the new house and helped carry everything to their house. Then, I helped arrange the bed and move some stuff around.

Then, I followed L and AL t JC's house. There, we waited for him to shower before driving to Fortitude Valley to meet G.

We then bought stuff from different places for our BBQ. Went to Coles and Crazy Clarks. Digestive biscuits were selling at AUD3 each instead of AUD5.60! I quickly bought 2. I also bought bread, eggs and mayo to make sandwiches for Sunday's service.

Later, we went to HY's place and prepared the food for BBQ. Then, we spend about an hour starting the fire. It was especially fun for HY because she used her 3-year old lecture notes to get the fire started. :P


Everyone arrived and we started eating at about 6pm. Then at about 7.30pm, we played some games. A few more people came too.

Girls helping out with BBQ

Skewers are cooking!

After that, we sat around and started sharing/encouraging each other. It was our (TL, JC, AW and I) farewell night because the 4 of us are moving on to QUT4.

It was a great night. We walked to the bus stop in a group and I took the bus home...

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