Saturday, June 4, 2011

What A Saturday Evening

It was a pretty busy day for me. I got up and had breakfast/lunch at 12.30pm. Then, I went to uni at 2pm. Arrived at 3pm and did my quiet time in the garden.

Botanical Garden

Then, I started working on my assignment till it was 5.45pm. Went out to the city and bumped into SL. Later, I walked around and finally decided to eat at Hungry Jacks. It's my second time this week.

Cheeseburger Stunner Deal - AUD 4.95

After dinner, I went back to QUT and did my work at S block. At about 8.50pm, I walked back to the city and took the bus home.

On my way to S Block

Once back, I showered and continued working till it was 2am...

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