Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bus-Hopping Tuesday

Left the house at 3pm again. This time, I went to Indooroopilly and got some ingredients. Then, I took another bus to the city. Ate lasagna for my dinner before taking another bus to Southbank.

Lasagna for dinner

Got on the 88 bus. After a while, I realized it doesn't go onto the Busway until "Buranda". So once it arrived at the busway, I quickly got off and went to the other side. Took another bus from there back to Southbank.

AL and JC picked me up from the station. Then, we drove to Koorong. It's a Christian bookshop and there was a 15% discount. We browsed from 6pm till 6.50pm but I didn't get anything. JC bought "Purpose Driven Life" as a gift to me. :)

We went to the prayer meeting and I took the bus home after that...

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