Monday, June 27, 2011


Was just hanging around at home till 3pm. Took the bus to the city and another bus to Materhill. There, we gathered and took another bus to Sunnybank.

About 12 of us invaded JustSoy. I ordered a dessert which had 2 scoops of green tea ice cream, some glutinous balls, and red bean. I was disappointed because they just chucked everything into the bowl but if you look at the picture, it is neatly placed.

Just Soy, Sunnybank

Green Tea Ice Cream with Red Bean (original vs picture in menu)

The girls

J and I (showing our teeth and squinting our eyes) :D

It was only 5.45pm when we left. Took another bus to another area in Sunnybank. Then, AL brought us to this Taiwanese shop (beside Little Taipei Foodcourt). There, G, K and J
joined us.

Food there was quite reasonable. For AUD7.40, I had a Minced Pork Rice set which allows us to choose a drink (Wintermelon or Calpas) and a packet of Taiwanese Snacks. I choose the Fried Chicken.

Minced Pork with Rice Set - AUD 7.40

Minced Pork with Rice

Special Fried Chicken

We finished dinner and continued talking till 8.30pm. Then, we decided to go to G's place and play "Settlers of Catan".

Everyone left at 11.30pm and I took the bus back. Got home at 12.10am and was quite pissed to see a few things in my room. One of them was that 2 of my shirts had holes in them. No thanks to the dog...

Shirt No.1

Shirt No.2

Anyway, I washed up and went to bed...

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