Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lesson Learned

At 7am I finished up and took my shower. Missed the 7.55am bus so I waited till 8.30am. Arrived in uni at about 9.45am.

Did some touch ups and went for our presentation at about 10.35am. It was bad. All my hard work was not shown because someone overwrote the files with our old ones.

Later, did some touch up before submitting the assignment. I then went to the garden and ate some biscuits and slept for a while.

Botanical Garden

After that, I went to Myer Center for dinner. Bought the Curry Chicken Rice from Japanese Bento.

Chicken Curry Rice - AUD 5.00

Then, I headed to uni for Unit Prayer Meeting in L Block. When it ended, J, AL and I stayed back and played with the piano. :P

We walked to the city together and J took the bus with me. Got home at about 10.20pm and had a long sleep from 12am till the next day...

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