Thursday, June 23, 2011


Got up at 11am today. Slacked around till 2pm. Then, I went to take the bus. Went to Indooroopilly but was devastated to see that they weren't anymore discount for Mars Bars! I waited for it to go down from AUD3 to AUD2. But they cancelled the promo and now its AUD4!!

Didn't buy anything there. Bought a foot long Meatball sandwich from Subway. Then, I took the bus to the city. Walked to the Woolworths in the city but they didn't have the discount too. Ended up buying the large packet of Mars Bars. Oh well..

Later, I went to uni and did some revision before the exam. Went to Q block at 5pm and waited for the exam to start. We went in at about 5.20pm.

The exam went pretty well. But I didn't really enjoy it because I had to write lots of stuff just to get 4 marks for each question. I managed to come out early though.

Finished my other half of the sandwich before going to Coles. Bought Cream Cheese and Thickened Cream before taking the bus home.

Once home, I started writing this. My holiday officially starts tonight! Wonder what I'll do...

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