Sunday, June 5, 2011


Got up early today and took the 8am bus. Walked to QUT and picked a nice spot to sit in the botanical garden.

Walking to QUT...

Botanical Garden

Did my quiet time there till 10am. Then, I went to meet my group mates. Only 2 of them turned up...

Quiet Time materials

Meeting ended at about 11.30am and I used the computer till about 12.30pm. Then, I went to Myer Center to get my food. Ordered Curry Chicken Rice from InHouse.

Curry Chicken Rice (M) - AUD 5.50

Later, I walked to Woolworth's but the locksmith outside was not open. Went inside Woolworth's and spotted a few good deals. Bought 2 items.

4x500ml Monster Drink - AUD 6.99 (AUD1.75 per can)

Funtime Party Pack - AUD 6.99 (1kg of sweets plus container)

Then, I took the bus to UQ and waited for the pre-service prayer to start. Later, all CCM QUT members went up to the simulcast hall.

Service ended at about 5.40pm. Hung around before going to "Funny Funny" for dinner. Had a really fun fellowship tonight.

Girls and Guys of QUT3 (many couldn't join us :( )

This is our names. :)

For dinner, I ate Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap. It wouldn't have been nice if they didn't give me that chili paste. I had to pour lots of it inside.

Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap - AUD 12.50

Can't read Korean. :P

Bulgogi Hot Pot

After dinner, I made it in time for the 430 bus at 8.30pm. Got down the bus and saw a very suspicious man. I saw him pretending to enter a house, then he waited there. After I walked a distance, he CAME OUT!

I quickly took out my umbrella and walked home with it (ready to strike!). Thank God, after a while he wasn't following me any more.

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