Sunday, June 26, 2011


Got up at 10am today, had breakfast and cleaned up. Then, I took my shower before having quiet time. Had lunch and played "Sims Medieval" for a while.

Took the bus to Toowong and another bus to UQ. Saw someone's phone on the floor of bus as I was getting down. Called Translink but the operator just said "The driver will pick it up later". I just hope someone else doesn't pick it up before he does...

Today's sermon was about conflicts and how to resolve them. I found it really useful. As usual, we stayed around till 6.40pm.

Then, we went to Old Town for dinner. It was a combined dinner with QUT2. I had Hokkien Noodles which were quite good.

Later, we took the train to Roma Street and from there a bus back home...

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