Saturday, June 11, 2011

QUT3 Professional Movers and Cleaners Co.

I got up at 6am today and took the 7am bus to the city. Arrived at 7.40am and since I still had time, I did my quiet time before heading to Windsor.

Went to JY's house and helped her move out. The guys loaded the furniture and transported it to various places. Meanwhile, the girls helped clean the house.

For lunch, JY bought us pizza. All of us had a wonderful picnic outside. Then, the guys went to a very interesting place.

We drove a truckload of household thrash to the dump site Nudgee. The cars have to line up to get in. Cars will have to get on a "Weigh Bridge" and they would measure the weight of the car.

Then, they will direct us to a numbered dumpsite. There were 5 in total and we were told to go to 2.

That place reminded me of Toy Story 3. What we then did was grab everything from the truck and THROW it down the deep pit. It was really stinky but all of us had fun throwing stuff into the pit, especially when there are many fragile items. :P

Dump Site Pit

JC having fun!

After a while, a bulldozer will come and squash everything. Actually this is just a transfer station. The thrash would be later sorted accordingly.

Bulldozer crushing the thrash

Before we leave, we had to drive onto the weigh bridge again. They will the count the difference between your car's current weight and previous weight. Then they will bill you according to the weight of the thrash thrown. We actually threw away 580kg and paid AUD25 for that! :P

As we leave, we can see a mountain of thrash!

Went back to JY's place and transferred the last batch of furniture which will be donated. Then, we rushed to Fortitude Valley and returned the truck at 4.20pm.

Headed to G's place for some 'Tong Sui" before J walked me to the bus stop. Took the 433 home and was back by 5.40pm.

To my surprise, they ordered pizza for dinner. Yes, I did have pizza for lunch and am having it for dinner again. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed my dinner . :P

Afterwards, I cleaned up and started studying. Showered, blogged, lazed around till now. It's 11pm already and I'm gonna study a little more before ending the night. Bye...

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