Friday, June 24, 2011

Time-Flying Friday

I got up at 7am today to do my quiet time. Then at 8am, I had my breakfast and started to make 2 portions of MarsBars Cheesecake. It took my 4 hours (including clean-up) to complete. I don't know why it took so long. Gone were the days where I'd have kitchen helpers. :P

After that, I did my laundry and reheated some spaghetti for lunch. I was so naive to think that I could take a nap after making the cheesecake. Anyway, I continued using till 2pm.

Took a short nap and later got ready for Lifegroup. Left the house at 4pm and arrived at about 5pm. Witnessed 2 weird incidents today. :S

Today's Lifegroup was different because we watched a Movie instead. Movie title was "Pay It Forward". I've watched it before but enjoyed watching it again. Strong and powerful message from the movie.

QUT3 - 24/6/11 (Credit B)

After the discussions, I took out the cheesecake and was happy that many people ate it. Within 10 minutes there were only 6 pieces left. :)

Mars Bars Cheesecake

Took the 10.13pm bus to Kenmore and walked home. Got back at about 11pm and took my shower. That's all for tonight. I wonder what I'll be doing tomorrow...

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