Friday, June 3, 2011

Cookie Friday

Got up today and had my breakfast. Did some of my assignment before starting my quiet time. After that, I started my cookie making session.

First up, I gathered all the ingredients and measured them. Then, I started mixing them to for the cookie dough.

The mix (didn't expect so much!)

Then after all that labour, I used 2 teaspoons to dollop the dough onto the trays. Then, I put them in the oven. The cookies expanded as I feared. Luckily I prepared some space for them to expand.

The cookie dough ready to be baked

Cookies in the oven

It's a good thing they expanded actually. Because that means bigger cookies for everyone! :)

I used 3 trays at a time. Everytime a tray is ready, I'll take it out to let the cookies cool. Then, I'd dollop more cookies and put them into the oven.

Cookies "chilling" :P

Cookies are actually more work compared to a cake. This is because you have to constantly look at the oven and do batches of cookies. If it were a cake, all you need to do is dump it into the oven once.

I was done by 3.40pm and packed everything up. I quickly took my shower and got ready for LG. Took the bus to Kenmore Central and waited for another bus. If I had waited for the city bus instead, I would have got to the Lifegroup much earlier.

All ready to be stolen by the cookie monster!

Arrived in time for Pre-LG prayer. After that, E asked me where is my cheesecake and I told her I didn't bring any cake. You see, I was assigned to bring "Cake/Cookies 800g" and some assumed I'd bring cheesecake.

During dinner, many people praised my cookies. Some said it was as good as Subway's. AW told me I should sell them for a dollar each! :P

Actually, it was my first attempt to make cookies. I used a secret ingredient which helped me make this a success. It starts with the letter "P". Feel free to ask me about it.

Anyway, we had a great time in Lifegroup. It ended a little late today but I'm sure everyone enjoyed it.

Got home at about 11pm. Took my shower and started blogging till now.

Today has been a great day. Tomorrow will be my assignment day so please wish me luck and pray for me. Goodnight!

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  1. p stands for passion? Haha...or patient? lolz..

    Anyway, nice cookies...yeah, all the best with your assignment!


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