Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This week AM went to Singapore. Go to school as usual, just that this time no one belanja me “pulled tea”. Yesterday I watched “Catch Me Now” episode 1 to 3. the show is about a group of people who robs the bad people’s money and donate it (like a modern day robin hood). It was very nice and cool, especially the mission parts. The most boring part was the relationship part. I also watched Bleach 166 (I know i am slow). It is almost impossible to find nice subbed version. I stopped watching since crunchyroll banned the uploads. I finally found this website. It has clear quality naruto and bleach episodes.

Today, after school mom picked me up and we went to Bangsar Village to eat because GM went out and didn’t cook. We went to Chatterbohkx for her lunch. She ordered fried bee hun Singapore style and I ordered French toast. The French toast wasn’t the best I ever had (best was in Kemaman – near “Garra Ruffa Fish Therapy”).

After that we went to Coffee Bean. This time I ordered the Strawberry Fru-Tea (not bad). Then before leaving, mom said that she didn’t have enough coffee so I ordered another large Ice-Blended Cinnamon for her and M to share.

Went to NZ Ice Cream and bought 5quarts of Ice Cream. The girls working there looked so happy and kind to me (maybe because I was the only one). I also noticed that they had a hard time scooping the ice cream. At 1st I only ordered 4 with 150 in my hands. After looking at the total price, I decided to ask for 1 more!! Haha, everyone is happy!! Sorry 4 My Bad Alignment! What I see Here Is Totally Different When Published!
Watched more episodes of CMN in the evening. TKK came to my house and he wanted to teach me how to drive “properly”. The Persona was not around so I used the MERCEDES!! He told me that AM is coming back tonight. Good, next Monday I get free “pulled tea”!! Downloaded another 2 episodes of CMN and episodes of TSCOS.
That’s is my entry for yesterday and today (with the boring parts left out). Nitez.

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