Friday, April 25, 2008


After Malaysian Studies, I took taxi from APIIT’s main entrance. This time it cost me RM 14 because it was jam and he took the NPE highway. In the taxi, I called Jaya Driving School to ask if my P License is ready or not. As expected the license has not been collected by Mr Ang... ( I strongly advise everyone not to go to that driving school). The secretary said she will call me later when it is collected.
When I reached home, I watched American Idol on YouTube and also found some other interesting videos worth my time. Somehow I found this guy called TomsterMusic. He made 12 song parody and when I watched it I laughed like hell. He is the best and most creative guy I tell you.
At 4 something, the secretary called me and told me Mr Ang did not collect my license but the license is ready. She told me to come to the office tomorrow before 2. What else can I say besides “ok”. When my sister came back from school, I ask her to shower quickly because I wanted to show her the videos.We laughed at every video we watched. Then she wanted to play AuditionSEA so we both went on9 to showdown. Haha if not mistaken I won every round. Still, we had fun. We played until 8pm and she didn’t even touch her homework!! She’s beginning to turn into a BAD GIRL!!
Our parents then came back at about 9pm. They bought chocolates and shirts for us. Mom asked me to transfer her photos. I wonder when will I stop helping her? Anyway we watched Who Wants To Be A Superhero Finale. And now I’m writing this and my mom is looking at her photos.Tomorrow I have to wake up early because I’m going back to SMKBB for Hari Anugerah Cermelang Kurikulum Sekolah. Must be there at 8 so I guess I have to wake up at 6.30. I don’t even know what prize they are giving me... I’ll tell you when I find out tomorrow.If you are interested, here’s the links to some of TomsterMusic's videos:

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