Monday, April 21, 2008

Parking Test

Last night I slept at 9.30, too early for me. But I wasn’t feeling so good and today was my parking test so I decided to go to bed early. I couldn’t really sleep so I visualized the whole parking test:

"Get in the car. Adjust mirror. Gear one. Wait. Half clutch. Car crawls in front. Wait. Half clutch. Car crawls in front. Car in front goes over the hill. Half clutch. Accelerator. Release clutch. More accelerator. Side mirror comes next to the pole. Clutch down and brake. Handbrake up. Tell number. Accelerator max. Half clutch. Hear sound change. Release handbrake. Car goes down hill. Stop aside. Take form. Go parking. See 1st pole in triangle glass. Steering wheel all the way to the left. Reverse. See 7 poles in the side mirror. Turn wheel 2 times right. Reverse till back tyre reaches the line. Turn wheel all the way to right. Reverse. See the front wheel on line. Turn wheel to max right. Stop. Turn 2 rounds left. Raise hand. Turn right max. Go out. Reach 3 point turn. Go till 3rd pole. All way to right. Stop all way to left. Reverse. Gear one. All way to right. Get out turn right. Park at side of road. Go take result. Pass the test. Finally feel SUPER HAPPY!I kept thinking bout this a few times. Still couldn’t sleep. Don’t know how I fell asleep but I woke up at 12. It was so hot I decided to on the air-cond. I dreamt about some weird and non-sensical stuff. When I woke up, I said thank you for letting me pass. Washed up and stuff, eat breakfast and all the things I usually do when I wake up. I was also thinking “3rd time’s a charm! 3rd time’s a charm!” I was ready by 7.15 because Mrs. Ang said she would pick me at 7.20. I waited for her till 7.50. She picked me up and we went to her office to pick the other students. "

When we reach there Eugene was there. I ask him what he fail and how. He actually did the same mistake as me. Hahaha, good to know I’m not the only 1. He asks me if I’m confident I say YES. After lining up all the numbers with “P” were asked to go to the pondok. My stomach was really killing me. I was so very nervous man! Some people were the heroes went straight into the car. I waited until there were only 15 of us “resiters” left. Nobody wanted to go first and the workers even scold and say if u all doesn’t want to go then wait till 3 o’clock only take the test. All of us then got up and stand near the cars. Eugene wanted to take new cars but I’m not sure whether should take new or old. New car I scared not used to it. Old car I scared not enough power. Suddenly the guy asks me go to the red car. I just told myself “just get over it la”. I went up the hill nicely and stopped in the yellow line. “37P” then the guy say ok go down. Accelerator max “VVVVVVROOOOOOOM”, clutch half….and there was no sound change!!! OMG!!! Just try to release handbrake, car rolls 1 cm down! I faster pulled my handbrake and try again. The same thing happens another 2 times. I felt so scared. Where the H@#% was the change of sound. I saw Eugene’s car beside me. Malu la if I fail. I tell myself cannot fail. Even when I type this my hand is shaking. I just came out with this idea “accelerate to the max and slowly release clutch until the car moves”. I did that and when it was rolling down hill I released the handbrake.

The guy ask me go to parking 1. I stopped and went to collect the form. I was wondering if I failed. When I collect the form it was a pass. I felt so surprised and decided not to think about it. Gave the guy my form and get back into the car. Parking 1 was empty but I decided to wait for some1 to ask me to go in because I was scared that if I went in without some1 permission they will fail me. So I heard “pergi depanlah!” then only I went in. I parked nicely and went out. I went to the 3 point turn and easily did that. Came out of the box and parked at the side of the road. I walked to the pondok and told him my number. The results for the parallel parking and 3 point turn weren’t even written on the paper. He just took it and ticked all the box sign here and there and asked me to sign. Could he really have such a good memory? Who cares as long as I passed. I feel so relieved.

I walk back down and I saw Eugene walking towards the pondok. He asked me whether I passed and I told him I did. We slapped hands and he went to the pondok. I went to find Mrs. Ang and as usual she asks me to go to the office to photocopy my IC and L license. I asked her for my results so I can give APIIT admin to prove I went for the test. I paid 40 cents for the IC and L license and when I asked to photocopy the results, she charged me another 40 cents!! But I just paid her because I don’t really care what happens as long as I passed my test. I saw Eugene in the office and he told me he saw me doing the hill and was so scared I failed. Anyway I filled in the form to apply for P license and paid Mrs. Ang RM210. Mr. Ang sent me home. Now I’m writing this blog. I feel so good now because I’ve wanted to write this and the previous entry for a long time.

*FYI: the techniques taught in the movie “The Secret” really works. The law of attraction is the best! I visualized I pass, I even said thank you before I really pass, and I even felt the joy 1 day before I actually pass. Maybe by doing that, when I was about to fail, I somehow passed! From now on I will try to use these techniques to get what I want. Hopefully it’ll do more magic for me.

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