Thursday, April 24, 2008

Two Days of Boredom and Fun

Last night my sisters and I went over to 97 to eat dinner because our grandparents would be leaving KL today. This is to see them before they leave and also show some respect. We went there at 7.15 but none of them were back. So we watched TV until nearly 8 before we started eating. We all watched American Idol on 711 and had a nice family chat. After that we somehow watched Hannah Montana on 615. It was quite funny and we all laughed. Lame but funny.

When we came back I smsed AM to ask her if tonight’s dinner is confirm. She said yes so I went to ask GM for RM 300 and tell her I’m not coming home for dinner today. And I also dropped my phone on the floor and now the battery cannot be slotted into the phone in the evening. AC helped me MORE by dropping in on the floor another time (I’m not angry at all).

Today, before I went to school I remembered that my phone battery is still loose. I decided to use cellophane tape to tape the battery to the back of the phone. But all I could find was double sided tape so I used the black and thick double sided tape. Now at least the phone still can work ;-(.

AM, YM and I had free Sausage McMuffin for breakfast. As usual I’ll take the free newspapers (The Sun and Malaysian Today) and when I went down to cafeteria, a kind person will belanja me Teh Tarik. Apparently AM also told the whole world that I'm gonna belanja her dinner.

In today’s PITS class Miss Hemalata gave us our assignments. After class, JT, ML and I went to 2nd floor to use laptop/laze around/other boring stuff. JT brought 4 Sausage McMuffins. JT ate 1, ML ate 2. KW joined us later and ate the remaining SM.

After lunch we had IS lab session. We were asked to follow the instructions posted in Learnfinity. First, many people couldn’t access LF. After that, the instructions ask us to go to and create a new account. Everyone did that but when we wanted to access the stuff there, suddenly everyone got other people’s name. (example: I got “welcome Kousilya!” and others got “welcome Muhammad S!” and others got and so on). Even if you log out and resign in, you will get a different person’s name. Everyone laughed damn hard. After awhile it some how returned to normal. Then following the instructions, I then came to this page where it teaches students how to use basic html to create a webpage. It was very interesting and I am starting to love it.

After class I had 2++ hours to kill. So I went to the 2nd floor again to watch Michael Clayton (boring movie). After that I went to the admin to submit my driving test result to prove that I was absent for a reason on Monday. I saw AM outside the admin office so I waited with her for YM to come and pick us up.

We reached AP house about 6.45. ZL was there. Naughty as usual but not too bad today. AM, KK, YM, and SC took turn to shower while AP was watching some hokkien drama on 8tv. After that we went to Chili’s BSC to have dinner. When we got seated, KK started his complaining “Aiya not nice la the food here. Go blablabla nicer la. U all eat here me and AP go upstairs and eat la. So expensive and not nice”. That almost ruined my mood. But since I won’t let anything spoil my mood, I just pretended he never said anything. We ordered Chicken Crispers, Fish and Chips, some other chicken, Fajitas, and Hot Diggity Dog for ZL. All of us shared everything. When KK ate a piece of Fajitas, “Aiyo, not nice la…Roti Canai nicer...” anyway after that I asked for the bill and it was only RM 126.XX. Cheh so cheap. I thought it would be more than this. YM paid with her credit card and I paid her my cash. ZL was so full she said she needs to take off her belt

AP and KK sent ZL back home while YM AM SC and I went to Guardian, Royal Sporting House and the CD shop to waste time. SC asked me if I have any DVDs at home. I said yes and he said we will go and take it later. In the car he said “don’t buy Dell and don’t buy HP”. “Acer the best”. That’s his opinion!

When we reached home, I took all the DVDs for him to choose. He took quite a lot back. I wonder how he is going to watch all of it. We had funny talks as usual. They always do. AM and SC introduced me to this movie called Turista. They said it was very scary so tomorrow I’ll get my hands on that DVD. He then asks to see my VAIO. He took a look and said “Owh, this is the RM 3000 one. No wander you don’t like it”. SC helped me set the Vista to perform faster and turn off the stupid permission stuff. He also introduced me to UBUNTU. We watched the YouTube video about Vista Vs. Ubuntu. I’m definitely falling more and more in love with UBUNTU. But the 8.0.4 Beta just launched and there will be many bugs. So I’m gonna wait a few more months before I download it.


  1. YM, AM & SC : Since you have budgeted RM300 for the nice day meal, and we only utilised RM126+, so let's go for a Haagandez ice-cream session... This time KK will definitely won't make any complains.

  2. Too late liao... should have suggested that earlier ma! Now must wait till they leave me another RM300...


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