Monday, April 21, 2008

The Secret

Before I start, I would like to tell you that I watched "The Secret" on my laptop in school. That movie/documentary tells us the key to success or getting what u want. after watching the movie, I came to the conclusion that the 3 main things thought in the movie is:

and feel the JOY.

Example of gratitude in the movie is when one women found out she had breast cancer, she woke up every day and said "thank you for healing my cancer", after 3 months her x-ray showed there was no cancer cells in her breast.
Another example is this guy found a rock and called it gratitude rock. Every time he touched it, he would say thank you for all the stuff he has. Example "thanks for letting me live another day, thanks for giving me a house to stay". One day his African friend asked him what was that, then he told the friend that its a gratitude rock. Few months later when the friend send him an email, asking for 3 gratitude rocks because his son is very sick. The guy then went to a river found 3 rocks and posted it to Africa. After a year the African guy's son got cured. The African father and son then sold gratitude rocks for 10 dollars each, all the money made were given to charity.
Example of visualization in the movie is this guy keeps a "wish board" in his work place. He put a picture of his dream home on it. 5 years later when he shifted house, he found the wish board and realize that he bought the same house and renovated it the same way it was in the picture. He cried.
To those who wants to try this visualization technique, remember that you should say you want some thing and not you hate something. It doesn't matter if u say you hate war or u love war, you will be given war. On the other hand, if you say u want peace or u don't want peace, there will be peace.that is the power of our mind. Mother Theresa knew this secret too, she once said, " If you invite me to a anti-war rally I wont go, if you are having a peace rally then I will come along.".
The final and most important thing is to feel the joy. Example if you visualize u won the lottery, you must feel the happiness when you visualize about the win. If you want a new bike, imagine how happy you would be when u have the bike.

I decided to try to think of a friend calling me right after the movie and she miss called me for fun at night. I keep thinking of passing the parking test and visualizing every move from the hill parallel parking and 3 point turn. I even tried to visualize how happy i will be when i pass the test. i also said thank you for letting me pass the test in my mind. I also wake up every morning and say thank you for giving me another day to live and other stuff. I'll tell you how it works out!

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