Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Weekend

I woke up early on Saturday to go to SMKBB’s HACKS. Wasted about 2 hours there to get this stupid plate. Its for getting best in science for SPM in the whole school.

"The ugly piece of plastic"

After that, my dad picked me up and sent me to Jaya to collect my P license. They gave me 2 “P Stickers” and I bought another 4 for RM4 per pair. Then before we decided to go to EDEN for Dim Sum. I drove the Persona to EDEN while my mom drove the other car. My dad was beside me while I drove.

After lunch I drove back. And later dad needed to collect something from someone, I became his driver and drove him there. After that, I drove to my aunty’s house to visit her (and get some biscuits).

We went to IKEA for dinner with my uncle and family. I drove as usual. There were so many cars and it was so hard to fin a parking space. I visualized that I found a car park. Suddenly the car in front of me was going out of the parking space. I ordered 15 Meatballs + Mazarin + Soft Drink for RM 14++. After dinner, we were looking for something to buy because if u buy something from IKEA, you get free parking. We saw a beautiful chair and managed to persuade my dad to buy it. I again drove home. Before sleeping, we fixed the chair.


On Sunday, I woke up and did nothing but play computer and download some songs. Went for lunch in MIZU. Ordered the fried chicken with breadcrumbs set. I think its about RM 23. And we also ordered the Mizu Maki (seriously, 10 out of 10 times we go there, we sure order it). It comes in a plate of 6. Guess how much it cost?

"Fried Chicken with Breadcrumbs Set-fried chicken, rice, miso soup, chawanmushi, fruits"

1 piece is RM5. RM5 X 6 =?? Do the math!!

After lunch, I hinted my mom to go Coffee Bean. She was about to go downstairs when I said “mom, you are going the wrong way” then she said “owh! ya”. My sister got upset because she wanted to go home. I ordered a large “Ice Blended The Ultimate”, my mom ordered a small “Ice Blended Cinnamon” and my sister ordered a kid-size “Ice Blended Chocolate”. We sat at the table with a sofa. The table was not cleared yet because the “Ang Mo”s had just left. Guess what we saw?

1 of the new drinks launched by Coffee Bean called "Fru-Tea" left undranked.

1 Large = 1 Kid+ 1 Small
LARGE is more WORTH IT (RM 13.10 is than RM 11.10 + RM 9)

We had our Lim Family Dinner today in Kepong. Did not drive the car the whole day. And got to go to college tomorrow. *Sigh*. Lucky this week only need to go to college for 3 days!! This is my 1st visual blog. How was it? Going offline now…

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