Saturday, August 6, 2011

West End

Got up early and was in the city by 8.45am. Waited for everyone to arrive before going on the bus to West End.

We spent few hours walking and buying stuff. I bought strawberries which was quite cheap compared to Coles. I won't buy them anymore though. Once I got home, I realized how lousy they were.

Anyway, we had fun buying cheap vege. We also tried out some food. I bought a Vietnamese Dumpling which was made out of banana and coconut. I also bought super expensive Churros which I won't buy again (I don't like the lady).

Vietnamese Dumpling

Churros - AUD 2.50

The others bought stuff like Langos, Licorice, and some sort of Turkish pancake. Later, I also bought some meatballs. That was the best thing I ate in the whole market.

Meatballs (4 in a stick) - AUD 2.50

After all the shopping, we went to Three Monkeys for a drink. I got myself an Iced Chocolate which was refreshing and energizing. Stayed there and chat with each other before parting ways.

Iced Chocolate - AUD 5.20

Some of us then took the bus to the city. From there, I took the 433 home and took a nap...

Nothing interesting for the rest of the day. Planned a timetable for the rest of my semester. It was a busy and packed one.

So for the rest of the night, I watched Naruto for the very last time this semester. I can foresee a very busy sem.

It's 2am now and I can say, I'm ready for the challenge!

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