Sunday, August 14, 2011

New Begining

Today's a new day. I got up at 9am and did my quiet time. Then, I had my breakfast and cleaned up.

At 12pm, GTM sent me to the new house. We took my stuff into the room and they looked around the house.

After that, I went to the bus stop to go to UQ. The bus was late but JF drove by and picked me up.

Went to register people from my lifegroup into the CDS classes. After collecting the notes, we went for the classes.

Next was pre-service prayer, followed by the church service. Today's topic was on Friendship with God.

Later, we went out and ate the refreshments provided. The food was really good today.

We went in 3 cars for dinner at Old Town. I ordered Ipoh Hor Fun which was just normal.

Then, K dropped me off at Coronation Drive and I walked back to my new home. Had a long chat with my new housemate before unpacking some stuff.

Took my shower and relaxed for the rest of the night...

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