Saturday, August 20, 2011

Cake Day

In the afternoon, J picked me up and we went to pick MH. Then, we went to JK's house and made 2 cakes. Black Forest and Cheesecake. The Black Forest

After we were done, we played some cards till about 6.15pm. Then, we had a slice of each cake. Was a fun day. It only costs everyone 3 bucks for 2 cakes. :)

Chocolate Strawberry Cream Cake

Chilled Cheesecake

Took the bus home and was back by 8pm. Cooked up some spaghetti with tuna for dinner. It was simple and nice.

Tuna Olio Spaghetti

Ironed my shirt for tomorrow. It'll be my first day serving as an usher. Excited!

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