Sunday, August 21, 2011

My First Day As An Usher

Wore my formal top, put on a pair of jeans, sprayed some perfume, waxed my hair and put on my contacts. Then, I went to Church.

Attended half of the CDS class. At 2.10pm, I went out and all the ushers gathered. We had our briefing and at 3pm, we started 'work'.

It was a good experience. It's quite interesting to actually go behind the scenes and do some work.

My job for the day was to stand at the front door of the second hall. Welcomed people and gave them the bulletins. The other thing I did was give out welcome packs to the front left portion of the first hall. After service, we also helped dry the communion cups. You probably won't know what this whole I'm trying to say in this whole paragraph. Oh well. :P

For dinner, we went to this Vietnamese and Chinese restaurant in Hawken Drive. Ordered the Crispy Chicken with Rice which turned out to be quite good.

Crispy Chicken with Rice - AUD 8.90

By the time we finished dinner, it was only 7.30pm. Talked a bit before S dropped some of us home.

Spend the rest of the night resting in my room. :)

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