Thursday, November 22, 2012

Canberra Mission Trip: Day 1

Did some final packing and lazed around till Tim picked me up. He then drove some of us to the airport. And after checking in and everything, we went to Hungry Jacks for dinner. Our flight was at 7.30 and I just slept throughout the entire journey.

All ready to Go!
We arrived at Canberra Airport 2 hours later but because of daylight saving, it was already 10pm there. Pastor Nonoi with his daughter and Arnel from Hope Queanbeyan was there to welcome us. They then brought us back to our motel.

Our Canberra Mission Trip booklet
Before leaving, we had a short chat with the pastor and he told us that he was working in Coles to support the church. 

At first I wondered, why coles. But few days later, he explained that he used to be an architect but when he planted this church, he didn't want to come home with a mind that is too tired to do ministry work. So instead, he CHOSE to do an easy job which doesn't take up too much of his brain juice so that he can serve God effectively when he comes home. Working at Coles also helps him connect with the community.
Our motel room and beds

We unpacked and called it a night. As we only had 2 queen beds in each room, we had to combine the beds and someone had to sleep in the middle. Daniel selflessly volunteered so THANK YOU BRO! :P Anyway, it was a fairly equipped accomodation and we were very blessed to find it.

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