Friday, November 23, 2012

Canberra Mission Trip: Day 2

We started the day with a loud knock to on our door. We were actually supposed to wake up at 7am and get ready by 8am. But, we all overslept and one of our sisters had to wake us up. 

All of us quickly washed up and headed over to the girl's room. There, we had a great worship session before we went to have our individual quiet time. Then we formed guys and girls discussion groups to discuss what we have learned. I was appointed to lead the discussion which I didn't do very well. I guess it's something I can work on next time.

Later, we went to Hungry Jacks for breakfast. Managed to get 50% discount thanks to the "Shake and Win" app. When we were all satisfied, we walked over to the mall and did some grocery shopping. The rest of the guys went to collect our rental car while the girls and I walked home with the groceries.

Saved us a lot of money! :P
Walking from our Motel
Hungry Jacks for Brekkie
The girls enjoying themselves while walking to the mall
Our rented cars
We only had one activity planned for today which was the Hope Queanbeyan prayer meeting. So some of us took this opportunity to rest while others prepared and practiced for the night.

Worship team practicing for the prayer meeting
Our microwaved dinner
When it was time, we drove to the prayer meeting location. Had a short worship session among our mission team as we were waiting for the Hope Queanbeyan people to arrive.

Outside the Prayer Meeting location
I was asked to help with the visuals for the prayer meeting. It was a great experience for me because I never used the Visuals software before. Found it quite fun except when the computer shut down and couldn't be turned on for like 10 minutes. Prayed like crazy and after a while the problem was solved.

Other than that, the prayer was really powerful and we even managed to pray for the people of Hope Queanbeyan. We all had a great time worshipping God as well and when we ended the session, the pastor still wanted MORE! :D

Worship Team practicing for Sunday Service
The team waiting for supper at Hungry Jacks
After the prayer meeting, we went to Hungry Jacks again for supper. Had a great time before we went back to our motel to rest for the night. This time, we remembered to set the alarm so that we don't wake up late again! :P

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