Sunday, November 25, 2012

Canberra Mission Trip: Day 4

Since it was Sunday, we got up early and got ready for church. Five of them went to Hope Queanbeyan while the other five of us (Kelvin, Tracy, Rose, Daniel and I) went to support Hope Canberra.

The church was in the middle of the city. Though it was a small church, I really admired their humble hearts. Every person has multiple roles to play and are involved in so many ministries. Imagine doing that week after week! Talk about going all out for God!

Hope Canberra's Welcome Table
Sunday Service

We were given the opportunity to help them with setting up and packing up. Rose shared her testimony to the congregation too, which was great. After the service, we attended their evaluation meeting and learned abit of how they organize things

Rose sharing her testimony
Daniel and Tracy cleaning the communion cups
Then, we went back to Queanbeyan where a big feast was taking place. The people from Hope Queanbeyan hosted the huge picnic for us. We also took this chance to celebrate Misty's birthday. As usual, there were TONS of food!!

In the evening after a short nap, we went back to Arnel's house for dinner with the Hope Queanbeyan team. Jason and a few others made Tom Yam Fried Noodles for us.

Preparing Dinner
Chopping onions :P
After that, we got the golden opportunity of asking the team any question we had in mind. Through this session, we heard what they have been through, the sacrifices they made, and most importantly why they serve God.

Listening to the sharing session
Part of the Hope Queanbeyan Team

Arnel Jr and few of us guys
Arnel Jr and Sr with the girls
We took many photos and mingled around. And finally with a heavy heart, we bid them goodbye. Though we won't be seeing them in the near future, I'm sure we will meet these bunch of God-loving brothers and sisters someday.

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