Saturday, November 24, 2012

Canberra Mission Trip: Day 3

Got up at 6.30am and took turns to wash up. We all had toast for breakfast and later did our quiet time followed by the group discussion.

Briefing after Group Discussion
Then, we drove to Canberra and walked around the city inviting different people to church. Had a few enjoyable short chats, encouraged someone to think about life after death, and also met a very angry old lady.

Canberra Centre
For lunch we went over to the Banson's house for lunch. The family cooked up a storm for us and all of us were so bloated. Arnel introduced to us a new slogan, "NO DIET!". Pastor Nonoi shared his story with us and encouraged us to think about coming back to Hope Queanbeyan to help out and serve God here.

Lunch at the Banson's
Pastor Nonoi's sharing session with the team
Group pictures!
When we were physically filled, we headed out again to the streets of Queanbeyan and tried to invite more people to church. It was really hard because it was super hot and there were barely anyone on the streets. But it was still a learning experience that challenged us to serve even in hard situations.

After that, we bought some chocolate, fruits, nuggets and drinks for the night's youth activity. We went back for a short rest and drove to the Banson's house again.

We were there to bless the kids of Hope Queanbeyan. Jason hosted the lifegroup which started with some fun games, followed by awesome praise and worship, continued with Kelvin's very creative sharing, and ended with a fun song and prayer.

Introducing ourselves
Daniel taught us how to play Ninja
Ninja Team A
Ninja Team B
Jason hosting the night
Praise and Worship
Really enjoyed myself although I was too old for that group. Later, we ate some home-cooked food for dinner and had some chocolate fondue for dessert! =P

Having a great dinner
Kids enjoying the chocolate fondue
The three Banson brothers soon started playing some music for us and we started praise and worshipping in the living room. Andrew joined them as well and all of us had a great time singing to God.

The Banson brothers and Andrew jamming as we worshipped God
After that night, we drove back home and called it another day. Personally I found this day very interesting as I managed to do things I haven't done before, street evax and kids lifegroup. Haha, praise God for new things. :D

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