Monday, December 3, 2012

Street Evax

Today I went for my first street evangelism with my brothers and sisters from Hope Church. Was paired up with Sophia and we started with worshipping God. Then, we talked to a few people who rejected us.

But I learned from Sophia and really admire how she never fails to love the people and go on without being discouraged.

Then, we talked to a girl and she was so open to us. She was going through a lot and spilled everything to her. We explained to her about God and shared a few testimonies. Later, we even got to pray for her and she was really greatful for that.

That experience was really God's divine appointment and I can't wait to see how God brings her back to Him. Beliving for greater things!

After meeting with our group, we prayed for a few of our brothers and sisters and saw another 2 healings! God is awesome and I'm super excited of being used by Him to love others. Can't wait to join this again.


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