Saturday, October 22, 2011


Today was a great day! I was water-baptised and many came to witness. Thanks for coming everyone! :D

Poster invite for our baptism

Giving my testimony


Being prayed for

The 4 of us


Friends and family! :)

To those who don't know what Baptism about, it is actually just a declaration to the public and let the whole world know that Jesus is your God!


So now you are saved?
- Definitely not, everyone gets saved the moment they accept Christ.

What is your Christian name?
- Being a Christian doesn't mean you need a new name.

Why didn't a priest/pastor baptize you?
- Baptism doesn't have to be solely done by pastors. It can be done by any Christian leader. In the Bible (Acts 8:12), Philip was just an evangelist when he baptized the people of Samaria. And in Acts 10:47-48, we see that the apostle Paul 'ordered' the people to be baptized.

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